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Sponsors: Protecting lender interests

Our platform is designed to protect lender interests vigorously by vetting all loan projects by both the BLEND team and a 3rd party sponsor who helps borrowers to successfully complete every step from initial preparation to final repayment.

We strive to be fully transparent and provide you with all the information.

F&P Sponsors Ltd.

Experienced accredited sponsor

F&P is our officially accredited sponsor. With a loan track record exceeding £100M, they can provide invaluable experience of financial management, business turnaround and funding through their UK-wide network of dedicated consultants. Many F&P consultants are accountants, and all come from a professional background with specialist skills and experience aiming to ensure the best level of service for our lenders and borrowers.

A professional approach

F&P go to great lengths to ensure borrowers are credit worthy and can provide adequate security. This involves comprehensive due diligence and, where necessary, structural or financial adjustments to the business aiming to ensure maximum security and reassurance for potential lenders.