Lending 3.0

Great potential returns

Peer-to-peer allows you participate in loans which you wouldn’t normally have access to. Invest from £1,000 on BLEND and you could potentially earn a fixed interest rate of up to 15% on your money.

No Fees

There are no setup fees, no management fees, no administrative fees and no fees when you lend on the primary market. The only fee you may be charged is a 0.60% fee if you resell a loan on the secondary market.


Why lend with BLEND?

Targeted Returns

P2P lenders on BLEND can achieve competitive returns, typically between 8% and 15% fixed p.a


Loan projects are selected and reviewed both by our sponsor and by BLEND’s credit committee before being listed.


BLEND loans are designed to be secured against ample and legally verified collateral. (debentures, assets, receivables...)


BLEND lenders can choose which businesses to lend to and how much to lend to those businesses.

Detailed files

Registered BLEND lenders have direct access to comprehensive reports, intelligence and the results of due diligence for each listed case.


The terms, conditions, potential risks and returns are clearly stated, transparent, and available for close scrutiny by registered BLEND lenders via the platform.


BLEND lenders can select loans from a wide range of sectors to spread risk – a tactically diverse portfolio of loans can be built over time.


By providing funds for UK SMEs, you are helping those businesses to flourish and to strengthen the UK economy.

For more details please see the FAQs

How it works

Although P2P Lending and the underlying technology can be complex, we believe the principles of using the BLEND platform are straightforward:


Register once to access all the P2P loans listed on the platform.


Open Your Account

Deposit funds on the platform to activate your account (minimum initial investment £1,000).

Choose Your Loans...

Select the projects you would like to support and how much you wish to invest.

... or AutoLend

If you wish you can “BLEND” in autopilot. All you need to do is choose your loan criteria and a fixed amount of your capital to be automatically lent to new projects.

Bank Your Returns

Repayments of your capital plus the agreed interest is credited into your account throughout the duration of the loan, subject to a loan default.

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