What do we offer?

BLEND aims to help businesses unlock their potential through our P2P loan investment system.

We evaluate your project and assist you in creating a comprehensive information pack to approach our investors with.

Save time, sweat and tears

Obtaining traditional loans can be a long and difficult process. BLEND can help you save precious time and effort through our highly efficient workflow.


Who do we want to work with?

BLEND will only provide funding for secured P2P loans to businesses that meet a number of lending criteria:

Established and profitable businesses

All BLEND borrowers are established and profitable businesses – we do not lend to start-ups

From £150,000 to £5,000,000

BLEND loans start from £150,000 to £5,000,000 – we do not take equity.

Sufficient assets

All loans are secured – that means borrowers need to provide sufficient collateral assets as security. BLEND does not provide unsecured loans.

Limited companies and LLPs

Only Limited companies and LLPs will be considered for BLEND loans

BLEND borrowers come from a wide range of business sectors and markets. This is intentional as we believe this provides Lenders with attractive tactical diversification opportunities for their investment portfolio.

We also believe that established, profitable businesses which operate with integrity and can demonstrate commercial acumen, are the best prospects to present to our Lenders, regardless of the sector they operate in.

For more details please see the FAQs

How it works


Our online registration allows us to perform an initial assessment of your requirements and help you prepare a full business proposal and create a BLEND information pack.


Submit your request...

Submit your request for us to review and evaluate your project, perform due diligence, and if successful, present you with a loan offer. When this step is complete and a loan offer has been accepted, your business and its information pack will be ready to be listed on the BLEND platform.

The project gets listed...

Being listed on BLEND will give our network of lenders the opportunity to view your business’s information pack and invest in your loan. If your target amount is reached, the money is collected.

Drawdown - you receive your funds...

The money then gets delivered to you to support your business activities, and you begin to repay the lenders as agreed.

The first port of call for any business wanting to raise a loan through our platform is to complete the registration process.