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    Humber Avenue


    To finance the acquisition and conversion of a property in Coventry into a 5 bed HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy)

    Loan Amount: £145,000.00
    100.00% funded
    Rate: 9.00% Term: 18 months
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    Crown House - Loan 4


    To finance the third part of construction costs for the conversion of an existing office building in Norfolk

    Loan Amount: £300,000.00
    100.00% funded
    Rate: 10.00% Term: 17 months
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    Ballinderry - Loan 2


    To finance the remaining construction works of the development comprising 6 houses in Derrycrin, Country Tyrone

    Loan Amount: £150,000.00
    100.00% funded
    Rate: 12.00% Term: 17 months

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Blend gives lenders access to double-digit return property loans in the UK from only £1,000.

No fees

There are no set up fees, no management fees, no administrative fees and no fees when you lend on the primary market. The only fee you may be charged is a 0.6% fee if you resell a loan on the secondary market.


Our loans are secured against property and we carry out an enhanced due diligence process on all of our loans. In the unlikely event that a borrower defaults on a loan, we will step in to help recover our lender’s money.



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“Top business leaders back UK-based P2P property lending site in £10m financing round”
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